If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable outdoor washroom solution, look no further than Johnny By The Bay. We understand that finding a clean and well-maintained portable toilet can be a challenge, which is why we offer a wide range of models that not only meet ministry standards and regulations, but suit your budget and your needs.

We take pride in providing exceptional service to our customers, and we understand that having a clean and functional washroom is essential for any event or construction site. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that our units are always well-stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and that any issues are promptly addressed by our team of experienced technicians.

About Our Portable Toilets

What We Offer


We'll deliver portable toilets to where you need them in Collingwood and area.

Installation & Setup

Once delivered, our team will install and set up your portable toilets so they're ready for use.


To ensure your portable toilets are sanitary, we offer regular pumping services.


When you're finished, we'll come collect the portable toilets from your job site or event.

Whether you’re planning a large outdoor event or need a temporary washroom solution for your construction site or home renovations, we’re here to help. Contact us below to learn more about our rental options and find the perfect portable toilet for your needs.

Johnny By The Bay is a long-standing member of the OASIS – the Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services. This allows us to provide you with guaranteed reliable service and fair pricing. We’re also proud partners with District Septic Tank Services, so we can handle all your portable toilet waste disposal needs.

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We cover the entire delivery and pickup process for our rentals. Our team will drop-off the toilets to your designated location and make sure they are set up for you. When the rental period is over, we will come back to the site to remove the toilets and take them away. No clean up required from you!

Yes, we use brine in portable toilets for winter conditions helping to prevent freezing. Brine, our mixture of water and salt, lowers the freezing point which keeps the waste as a liquid. This will ensure uninterrupted usage, and serviceability.

We recommend a weekly service to maintain cleanliness and functionality. Regular cleanings will help eliminate odors, and ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience every time.

For convenience and privacy, we recommended to have 1 toilet per 10 people and separate facilities for men and women. This will reduce waiting times, and respects gender-specific needs.